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Women's Empowerment Street Team members (WE) are Etsy sellers dedicated to encouraging artistic empowerment for women and girls worldwide.

WE would like to help each and every woman and girl to:
  • discover and develop her own strengths and creative talents,

  • explore and express her creativity,

  • speak with her own unique voice, believe in herself, and achieve her potential.

WE will achieve our goals through encouraging and supporting our members to:
  • create art that celebrates womanhood and girlhood

  • donate time, money, and/or supplies to charitable organizations, of their choice, that support women's resources

  • be a visible presence at street fairs, art/crafts shows, charity walks, and other events that work towards the above goals

  • teach and mentor other women and girls respect herself and choose to surround herself with those who respect her, too

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Book Review: Uppity Women of the Renaissance

Uppity Women of the Renaissance by Vicki Leon is a fun book that is great for when you have short periods of time to read. There are short stories of 200 women each one to three pages in length. Vicki Leon writes with humor and uses modern words and phrases to describe these renaissance women. In this book you can read about many business women, cross dressers, queens, artists, military women, and find out who the queen of hearts on the playing card is.

Anna Bijns was a teacher and author who ran her own school in the 1500s. She advocated not getting married which didn't go over too well at the time. Her publisher was executed.

Jane Grey wanted to be a humanist scholar. She ended up being Queen of England at 16, for 9 days and then her cousin Mary showed up with an army, made herself queen and had Jane executed.

Giovanna Cenami had her wedding painting done by Jan van Eyck. The painting is often called "the bride" or "the betrothed." She is shown sporting the latest fashion of the time. Women stuffed a bunch of cotton pads under their clothes right in front of their bellies. Looking pregnant was the in thing.


Athena's Armoury said...

Awesome review, Melissa! Thank you so much for sharing. I've seen this book before and haven't picked it up yet. It sounds like I'd really love it.

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